Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Your Rear in Gear!

I am racing in the Chicago Get Your Rear in Gear 5k race for colon cancer awareness on May 15th.  I am currently accepting donations of all sizes.  This is the evil disease that took my mother from all of us too soon, so we are running (and some of are walking) in honor of my mom.  Our team is called Linda's Lionheart Legacy.  I decided on that because she was the most courageous and brave person on this planet (in my opinion)!

I'd also like to take this moment to get on my soapbox and educate everyone:
  • Please, please, please-I'm begging you!- make sure that after the age of 50, you go regularly for a colonoscopy!  If polyps or tumors are caught early enough, it is absolutely treatable!
  • If someone in your family has been diagnosed with colon cancer, talk with your doctor on their recommendations of if you should get screened earlier.  My doctor recommended that I get screened 10 years before the age my mom was diagnosed (that puts me at 50, anyway).
  • Colon cancer equally affects men and women.  It is most common in those 50+.
  • It is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in the US - 54,000 each year.
  • More than 150,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year.
  • Those with family history of colon cancer are at an increased risk. 
*Stats from Colon Cancer Coalition.

There are several ways you can help.
1.  Contribute funds.  My online fundraising page is  Linda's Lionheart Legacy Chicago 5k.  All funds go to the Colon Cancer Coalition, a non-profit organization. 

2.  Join me at the race as a participant or volunteer.  Runners, walkers and volunteers of all ages are welcome.  There are also various events throughout the country this year.  For more information or to register for the race, go to

3.  Contribute products or services.  The Get Your Rear in Gear 5k Run/Walk takes place with the support of local businesses.  Let me know if you have a product or service that you would like to contribute.

4.  Blogging buddies - spread the word on your blog!  Word of mouth is the best way to let people know about this event and this disease.  March is colorectal awareness month, after all!

Thank you in advance to everyone who is helping out or even just took the time to read over the facts of colon cancer.  I personally appreciate more than you know! :)

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