Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Shower

Well, as my friends and I enter into our late twenties, everyone is now having babies! I'm so excited, that I finally get to help plan one!  There's nothing that I love more than party planning and DIY projects.  However, I want some unique ideas, as the parent's are finding out the sex, so I need it to be gender neutral.

What are some great ideas for a shower and gender-neutral planning?


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  2. For my baby shower, which i planned myself because my family is craptastic like that, I had a gender neutral party.
    But I didn't have a theme, just more of a color theme. But if its themes you want, there are tons that have nothing to do with the gender of the baby.
    Though it might be easier to narrow the list down if you take into account the time of day, the time of year, and the guest list of the party.
    I always check out what Martha's website has to give you a jumping off point.

    Just copy and past this...

  3. What fun to plan a shower! I'd try to steer away from the traditional baby shower games. It would be fun to do a pampering type of shower- b/c moms to be can use it and the guests would have fun!

  4. Great types, ladies! I definitely like the idea of pampering, since this is her 3 child and I am definitely going to check out Martha's ideas. She's amazing!

  5. Ha! Not sure why I wrote "types", meant ideas*!

  6. LOL, I thought "types" was the new slang for writing.

    We didn't find out with our oldest daughter, but had the shower afterward. One thing we did do beforehand was to set up a wager for the date and sex of the baby. $5 per entry, winner take all. A friend walked away with $240.

    Dropping in from Mama Blog.


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