Friday, March 18, 2011

Freebie Friday!

On this Freebie Friday, I bring to you the Stoplight Behavior System for home!  I know a lot of schools do this now days, and it has been a tremendous help with my son's behavior!  I use this and put it up on the fridge.  I have a magnet that is meant for a small picture and has a cut out in the middle.  Every morning, he starts at green, which I put the magnet around.  If he has to be reminded twice about his behavior, it gets moved to yellow. Once he has been reminded 3 times, it is moved to red.  When he finishes the day with a green, he gets to keep his privileges, if he is on yellow, he loses electronic (video games, computer and tv) privileges, red means no privileges.  I am sharing this simple yet effective system with my lovely readers today, so head over to my freebies page and grab a download!

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